Group HRD lends a hand

13 Nov

Whether it’s to assist Sri Lanka’s formal higher education system or the managerial skills of our own stakeholders, Aitken Spence Group HRD had a busy 2006…

Group HRd lends a hand

Sri Lanka’s formal higher education system is widely perceived to be lacking in practical aspects with inadequate orientation towards the needs of the labour market. Given this predicament, students who find employment often struggle to cope. Aitken Spence’s Group Human Resource Development Department undertook several initiatives in 2006, but perhaps this was one of the most worthy: several Management Training Programmes (MTPs) were conducted for undergraduates at Ruhuna University in an attempt to limit these potential difficulties and obstacles. Four MTPs for approximately 80 students enrolled across a range of courses have currently been conducted.

Group HRDD also conducted other programmes, including:

Energizing Hospitality

An MTP aimed at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the individual, while simultaneously enhancing her respect towards humanity was conducted for the benefit of Neptune Hotel’s employees. This unique 40-hour long MTP, which covered important aspects of management such as the development of presentation skills and teamwork, was initiated by the Japan Industrial Training Association under the sponsorship of the Nippon Keidanren International Cooperation Centre.

Group HRd lends a hand2Pitching It Right

Sales play a vital role in today’s business world. A Sales Management Training Programme was conducted to increase employee knowledge and understanding in this field. The MTP, which is a form of qualification accepted by the Group in order to work at the managerial level, was conducted successfully for the Twenty-Ninth time.

Outward Bound

Meanwhile, in April 2006, Group HRDD conducted “Outward Bound”, a programme aimed at developing the skills of Aitken Spence employees. It was successfully held at the Divithura Estate with the participation of 43 employees who were able to break with routine and experience new ways of developing their professional and private lives.

Job Hunters

In June 2006, the Employment & Labour Ministry assisted in a job fair on the premises of the Nittambuwa Sangabodhi Vidyalaya. Group HRDD was once again present, participating with a stall to assist employment seekers dwelling in the Nittambuwa region.

Powering Up with 5SGroup HRd lends a hand3

To increase 5S awareness between the employees of the Horana and Matara power plants, two 5S programmes were conducted in September 2006.

Shitsuke for Elpitiya

A 5S programme was also conducted in November 2006 at the Elpitiya Ananda Maha Vidyalaya with the aim of notifying the community about the Japanese 5S system.

2007 – Ace Magazine Issue 3


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