Cat & Dog Café opens with early success

14 Nov

TUI and AWPA join forces to help stray animals and beach communities

TUI - Cat and Dog

A joint initiative between TUI and the Animals’ Welfare and Protection Association (AWPA) is helping to efficiently address the problems caused by stray dogs and cats in various hotels. With many of these animals having a tendency to scavenge kitchen refuse and disturb hotel guests, TUI and AWPA have begun to provide veterinary attention for the strays as well as installing strategic feeding points.


The various problems caused by stray animals were brought to the attention of TUI through their various travel representatives in Sri Lanka. Many hotel guests had expressed their concern about the proliferation of these strays and the effect it was having on their holidays. By enlisting the expertise of AWPA, TUI knew they were receiving the experience of a local partner with a distinguished track record in monitoring the welfare of animals. “We wanted to look after our guests without harming the animals,” explains Roger Zerter, resident Manager of TUI. “With AWPA, we have implemented a scheme which will hopefully catch on.”

After catching all the animals within the vicinity of a particular hotel, AWPA neuter and treat them for endo and ecto-parasites before releasing them on the hotel premises. Simultaneously, a Cat & Dog Café is set up in the hotel grounds, a long way from restaurants and swimming pools. The advantages of this approach are instantly tangible, as testified by the success of the scheme at Browns Beach Hotel and the Beach Hotel, the first hotels to receive the TUI Animal Friendly Award. Within a month of adopting the initiative, both hotels noticed a pronounced change in the behavior of their strays. The neutered animals had become a lot more settled, occupying an area with a reliable source of food-the Cat & Dog Café –and no longer disturbing hotel guests.

Ad image“TUI are making a great effort to educate hotel guests and local communities,” explains Mrs Hemantha Jayatilake, President of AWPA. “Hopefully, our joint initiative ca continue to save many animals and help people enjoy their holidays.”

2007 – Ace Magazine Issue 4


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