CN Weliwitage: a man of many artistic talents

14 Nov

WeliwitageMr Seriffodeen recently came across an employee who possessed some striking artistic talents. CN Weliwitage, an employee of the hotel for the past thirteen years and now a Supervisor in the Food and Beverage Department, has displayed his skills in many areas; he has participated in and won many prizes in the art of flambé cooking and cocktail competitions. The winning cocktail he prepared is now on sale at all the hotel’s F & B outlets. Weliwitage is also the only person in Sri Lanka who has won prizes for both flambé cooking and table décor at the same competition, since these two disciplines are completely different art forms. To further cultivate his artistic talents Mr Seriffodeen recently commissioned Weliwitage to develop a scale model of Heritance Kandalama and its surrounding environs for the hotel’s Fifth anniversary.

In addition to the first hand knowledge of the hotel that he has, Weliwitage also conducted a thorough study of the area and looked at pictures, books, painting and even studied aerial photographs of the hotel taken during a hot-air balloon ride by a guest at a hotel. Then using rigifoam, paper mache, paint and natural foliage (which he obtained from the jungles around Kandalama). Weliwitage completed the model which is now on display at the staff entrance to Heritance Kandalama. In appreciation of his efforts, Weliwitage was also presented with a certificate of commendation by Mr Seriffodeen.

2007 – Ace Magazine Issue 4


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