14 Nov

HonestyLoyal Office Assistant commended by People’s Bank for act of honesty

On twenty-seventh April 2007, one of Aitken Spence’s employees was commended by an outside organization for an incredible act of honesty. When EM Chandrapala, an Office Assistant for Overseas Travels, found a ‘cash cheque’ worth Rs.35000 lying on the street near Galle Face Court, he did not hesitate in taking his discovery to the nearest branch of People’s Bank. The Assistant General Manager of the branch was so impressed with Mr.Chandrapala’s act of “prudence and responsibility” that he immediately contacted the Managing Director of Aitken Spence Overseas Travels, Mr. Sasi Ganeshan, to articulate his gratitude. “ It’s really hard to find such honest and trustworthy people these days,” explains Mr.Ganeshan. “Aitken Spence is lucky to have such employees working for us and I am really proud of him.”

Chandrapala is exceptionally humble about his act of civil responsibility and explains that he faced no moral dilemma when finding the cheque. “ I teach my children that if they find something which does not belong to them, they should look to hand it in. If you do good things in life, I think good things will come to you.” A proud father of three small children, Chandrapala is only two weeks away from a significant landmark, 25 years of working for Aitken Spence.

The group thanks Chandrapala for his loyalty to the company over the years and salutes his integrity, “Mr Chandrapala has really led by example,” says Mr. Ganeshan. “Hopefully we can all learn from him.”

2007 – Ace Magazine Issue 4


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