IT specialist helps company run more efficiently

14 Nov

ChathuraFor Chathura Weerarathna, working in Aitken Spence’s IT division has enabled him the freedom to develop systems and networks that help the company run more efficiently and cost-effectively. In recent months, he has been integrating IBM’s Lotus Software so that Directors at Aitken Spence can communication with their departments, in chat format, from Blackberry phones and other compatible units.

Far cheaper than a conference call, the new setup has been tried and tested by Aitken Spence staff when on overseas trips and the feedback has been very encouraging.

“There are many benefits besides cost” explains Chathura. “You can get instant messaging from a phone when you’re away from your computer. Employees remain connected to their corporate server even when they are away from their office and they can use the same accounts for mobile and PC’s connecting to the main server from other countries.”

From a Blackberry phone, the user can enjoy the same features and functions as they would expect from their desktop, including group chat sessions of three or more participants and the ability to see which contacts are online. With no training manuals to guide him, Chathura has been teaching himself through extensive research on the internet. His networking endeavors are a tribute to his resourcefulness and application, traits which look set to help Aitken Spence in the future. He is currently tweaking the system so that the Lotus instant messaging function can also be accessed using Yahoo and Google Mail without the need for additional software.

“There is always something new out there to learn,” he smiles. “I enjoy the challenge of seeing how I can implement and integrate new developments to make it easier for people to manage their work.”

2007 – Ace Magazine Issue 4


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