A Win-Win proposition

16 Nov

Aitken Spence Resources innovative programme helping everyone be happy

Mahinda PinnapolaWith a significant number of Sri Lankans seeking foreign employment in the hospitality industry, Aitken Spence Resources (ASR) has introduced an innovative scheme that will help the future of Sri Lankan tourism and its employees.

By establishing themselves as consultants in overseas foreign employment, ASR is helping their own staff find valuable overseas employment with trusted organizations in the hospitality sector.

‘It is inevitable that people wish to seek experience overseas for a couple of years,’ explains Mahinda Pinnapolage, Manager of Operations at ASR. ‘We don’t try to impede their wishes to work abroad. Instead, we offer a free service that helps them work with a good company who will continue to invest in their professional development.’

This new scheme also has tremendous benefits for potential clients who are aware that recruits from Sri Lanka have been both nurtured through Aitken Spence’s very own Hospitality School as well as having their skills developed through industrial placement within Aitken Spence.

To help both clients and employees find each other, ASR use special software. It allows clients to browse and search potential employees from a virtual database. Conversely, candidates can view vacancies and upload their resumes in response to a particular position or for future consideration.

‘Using our ICT-based business platform, we are helping to optimise the needs for everyone concerned. From entry level to Senior Management, our resource pool ensures that we have a diamond in every field.’

ASR provides far more than a handy database. While abroad, they keep in close contact with each employee to ensure they are happy as well as offering financial advice with personal loans and money transfers to their families in Sri Lanka. Very importantly, candidates are given an orientation of their adopted country – an invaluable opportunity to learn about local laws and procedures.

‘A good experience overseas, with an exposure to different customs and cultures, can be a great asset for someone when they return home. We are here to make sure that that experience is not a wasted one.’

2008 – Ace Magazine Issue 1


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