Diamond Daisy

16 Nov

The institution completes 30 eventful years at Aitken Spence

DSC00895Joining Aitken Spence in 1978 as a secretary within the Finance Division, Daisy Kunanandham has become something of an institution within the company. An immensely popular character, she has worked successfully for a number of Chairmen and seen plenty of change over the last 30 years.

‘When I first arrived, it was the era of carbon copies and unforgiving typewriters,’ she remembers. ‘What now takes a second to email used to be a whole process!’

In addition to the advances in technological innovation, Daisy has also witnessed structural changes within the organization. She is quick to illustrate just how much Aitken Spence has diversified over the past 30 years. Rather like Daisy herself, the group has successfully adapted when required.

‘Fortunately though, some things stay the same. While the direction and size of the company may have altered, the core values are still in place. There are still no short cuts to success, hard work is rewarded and tradition is very much respected.’

And Daisy is certainly in a position of authority when discussing tradition and the company’s past. As the trusted guardian of Aitken Spence’s archives, Daisy is very much the company’s historian. She, more than most, is mindful of the great strides taken by Aitken Spence. In many respects, Daisy embodies the pervading spirit within Aitken Spence. With so many fond memories of her time in the organization, she is also excited about what lies ahead.

‘I really enjoy being part of a progressive company that is always willing to explore new avenues and ventures. I certainly did not expect to still be here after 30 years!’

In these years, the former employee of YMCA has worked for a number of different personalities and enjoyed each position immensely. Among the many people Daisy has worked for is Mr. G C Wickramasinghe, a former Chairman of Aitken Spence.

‘Daisy is an inspiration to work with,’ he remembers. ‘Her enthusiasm and loyalty rub off on everyone else.’ Optimistic and spirited, Daisy has a long while to go before joining the archives herself.

2008 – Ace Magazine Issue 1


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