Logistics Scores Again

16 Nov

BVC MendisWhen Chaminda Mendis went on-line to check whether he had passed his Container Inspector’s Examination, he received a pleasant surprise. With a score of 97%, he had obtained the second highest percentage in the world.

Regulated by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL), which encourages high standards of inspection in the container and chassis industries, passing this logistics-orientated exam is mandatory for inspectors wishing to keep their license. With the certification valid for a 5 year period, Chaminda will next sit the exam in 2012.

With the qualification enabling holders of the license to guarantee high standards in their work, Chamindra is quick to pay tribute to other members of Aitken Spence Logistics who renewed their licenses.

‘It is important that we always look to improve our standards,’ he explains. ‘Our customers are very important to us and we must strive to get even better and offer them more value.’

Chaminda, who is married and lives in Ja-Ela, has his sights on future accomplishments. As well as hoping to improve on his 97% in 2012, his current ambition is to keep learning and acquire more knowledge. There are other logistic-related exams for Chaminda to tackle and he certainly has the appetite for professional development and surpassing his own goals.

‘Ranking second in an exam taken by experts in 26 countries is a magnificent achievement,’ says Mr. Manchanayake, the Deputy General Manager at Aitken Spence Logistics. ‘We are all very proud of him and his feat has certainly inspired his colleagues.’

2008 – Ace Magazine Issue 1


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