Making a difference

16 Nov

Conventions celebrates anniversary with charity

To commemorate their Thirtieth year, Aitken Spence Conventions & Exhibitions organized an outreach project for their employees at the Sri Jayawardenapura Vajira Sri Rehabilitation Children’s Home in Pittakotte.

“We wanted to make a real difference in a day.” Explains Shihan Abdeen the division’s Manager. “It was important that we were in a position to optimize all our enthusiasm and available resources.”

Shihan can never be accused of failing to do his homework. After spending a considerable amount of time choosing an appropriate project, he carefully assessed how his 125-strong group could best be utilized.

Aitken Spence Corporate Conventions & Exhibitions

His thorough research was well rewarded. On June 30, 2007, starting early in the morning, the group set about their task of decorating the home with a clear agenda. The pro-active staff were divided into 7 teams, each one responsible for a particular section of the house. Several hours later, in interiors of the Rack House and Flash House were almost unrecognizable from their early morning appearance.

“We had such a memorable day,” beams Sasha de Bruin. “There was so much energy and commitment from all the teams.”

A government-approved facility run by monks, the site is home to over 200 orphans many of whom enjoyed the spectacle of watching their home being transformed with colour and passion. As well as painting material and enthusiasm, the department provided the children with a wonderful lunch and donated the home with an abundance of dry rations.

Dharni Soza, Director of Conventions and Exhibitions, was proud of the way all members of this department applied themselves on the day. “I was particularly please with the way people accepted individual responsibility in working collectively”, said Soza. “Many were clearly moved by the visit to the home and I think it has galvanized the whole department and brought people together.”

It has also encouraged Shihan to start planning the next project.

2007 – Ace Magazine Issue 4


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