Hotel Heritance ropes in city-born DJ from Abu Dhabi for New Year bash

28 Dec

The ‘five-star’-category urban luxury resort Heritance Madurai has roped in the Madurai-born international DJ Ricky to perform in its New Year celebrations.

The celebrations would feature video DJing, which is a new concept and introduced only this month even at Abu Dhabi, according to Srinith De Silva, general manger of the hotel, which is a venture of the Chennai-based hospitality group ETL Hospitality Services.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, he said that this was the first time Heritance Madurai was organising such a New Year bash. It would feature fashion shows, games, and a dinner with a special multi cuisine buffet. All the guests would get a Rs.500-worth gift vouchers.

The stage has been set with imported equipments. An extravagant show of fireworks has also been scheduled. The celebrations would be “one-of-its-kind” in the Temple City, said Mr. De Silva.

Mr. Ricky said that the music would have a good chunk of international songs as there were many foreigners staying at Hotel Heritance. It would also feature video-mix of songs of regional languages.

While the tickets for a single person is Rs. 1,500, it is Rs. 2,900 for couples and Rs. 800 for children below 10 years. Tickets could be obtained from the Hotel.

As seen on The Hindu – 24 December 2009

Media Release – 29 December 2009


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