Creating Sustainable Value – Deputy Chairman/MD: J M S Brito

15 Jun

The 2009/10 Sustainability Report gives an introduction to our management approach to corporate sustainability and the substantial progress made by the Group and by individual strategic business units’ [SBUs] in employee and community engagement and environmental management.

We live in times of major global challenges, such as climate change, resource scarcity, globalisation, financial crises, shifting centres of power and increasing income inequality. How we face these challenges, now, will fundamentally shape the society, the environment and the economy of the future.

Our endurance and success for over 140 years has been characterized as much by the unswerving integrity in how we conduct our businesses, as much as by the pioneering sprit and the operational excellence that set us apart.

With the launch of the Group’s corporate sustainability policy, this year has marked a leap in how we approach corporate citizenship. Whilst we retain our ethical values fundamental to our business, we have embraced sustainable development with concerted effort to proactively ensure our long-term viability, profitability and integrity. This holistic approach looks beyond issues to address at all aspects of corporate sustainability in order to create sustainable value to our stakeholders.

Conducting initiatives which comprehensively look at how sustainably we do business across our diverse portfolio is not an easy task; but it is something which we have embarked on with the firm conviction that sustainable business is the business of the future.

Aitken Spence is becoming an increasingly global company, that brings with it responsibilities which we are keen to fulfil. We are committed to protect and promote the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. An indication of our progress in embedding the principles is outlined in the index on page 77. We have integrated the Global Reporting Initiative’s [GRI] framework for sustainability reporting at Level C in this report, with the objective of moving to Level B next year.

The company appreciates the leadership and commitment of the Sustainability Team and the respective sustainability committees set up in each SBU in our effort to create sustainable value and a sustainable business.

For more information on Aitken Spence Group sustainability, click here:

Sustainability Report – 15 June 2010


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