Heritance Tea Factory Greening All The Way This Season

23 Dec

A visitor to the Heritance Tea Factory this season will be able to enjoy a unique set of environmentally friendly Xmas trees made out of recycled material.  These Xmas trees that adorn the public areas of Heritance Tea Factory hotel have been made with waste and used material supporting the 7R environment policy internally developed and widely used by the Aitken Spence Hotels. The twigs of tea bushes that are pruned during the year had been dried and saved to create the tress in the reception area greeting the guests.  Each Tree has its own story to tell with Heritance Tea Factory staff being given an opportunity to display their artistic talents making and decorating the trees.  Hethersett Cigar Bar has the attraction of a tree made with empty wine and beer bottles and the main   Kenmare Restaurant a beautiful tree   made with wax of leftover candles that were burnt during the year.

Heritance Tea   Factory in lush green tea estate 6,850 feet above sea level maintains the authentic atmosphere of living in a tea factory. The hotel began as a factory built in the days of the British Raj and has now been converted while preserving much of the original style and machinery; reminiscent of the past yet perfectly blending in the innovations of the present. The view from the rooms at the front of the hotel is a wonderful panorama of tea; at its sides, a peaceful pastoral scene of hamlets, hills and forest and more tea greets you.

Tourists in an effort to gain an insight into the tea plucking culture often pick their own tea leaves when staying at the Heritance Tea Factory. The fresh Tea leaves that the tourists pick go through the Organic Mini Tea Factory are then presented to guests before they check out of the hotel.

The Heritance Tea Factory is the first hotel in Sri Lanka to introduce bio mass renewable energy to the hospitality industry in 2007.  The bio mass plant helps the hotel to reduce the carbon footprint as it saves a substantial amount of carbon emissions. Heritance Tea Factory has been recognized by Britain’s leading newspapers ‘Sunday Times’ as one of the 100 best places to stay in the world and ‘The Independent’ selected The Tea Factory as one of the 5 best factory hotels in the world. The Heritance Tea Factory mission is to enable guests to experience a unique interaction with nature and the tea culture, while leaving a minimum impact on the environment.

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