Aitken Spence Rated Platinum for Corporate Accountability & the Best in Policy Coverage

2 Feb

Aitken Spence PLC was ranked second and among the handful of companies rated as ‘Platinum’ for the second consecutive year in the STING Corporate Accountability Index 2011 which was unveiled in the February issue of LMD. Aitken Spence was the highest ranked diversified holdings company. The company was also identified as the ‘Best in Class for Policy Coverage’.


The highly recognized STING Accountability Index rates the LMD 50 companies and 10 key SOEs on compulsory basis, counting largest entities in the country in one index. The scores are derived to reflect a holistic and integrated approach to CSR, sustainability and governance. The hierarchical ranking of companies in Sri Lanka is based on each organisation’s performance in the areas of Measurement and Disclosure, Corporate Values, Stakeholder Engagement, Identifying Impacts, Risks and Opportunities, Policy Coverage and Management and governance.


Sri Lanka’s leading business magazine, the LMD states on the Aitken Spence performance, “The Integrated Sustainability Policy-implemented under the overall direction of the Board of Management and Board of Directors- takes a 360 degree view on corporate sustainability and includes a wide-range of aspects we deem necessary to be addressed. Compliance, ethical conduct, awareness of global issues, sustainable processes, governance, stakeholder engagement, human rights, health and safety, information security, continuous improvement, quality, talent management, supply chain management, innovation, customer service and credible reporting to name a few. The policy is accessible to the public via the corporate website.”


The magazine goes on to state “few companies have structured and integrated processes to monitor and manage their sustainability – related risks and opportunities. Aitken Spence is amongst the corporates that do this well.”

Dr. Rohan Fernando, Director and Head of Business Development and Plantations of Aitken Spence said “Our Integrated Sustainability Policy which was developed in-house, takes a holistic view on corporate sustainability. It acknowledges that the sustainability of an organization depends on myriad factors. The policy and the accompanying implementation framework have been developed in line with global best practices, which will enable our diverse portfolio of businesses to gain a competitive advantage by continuing to do good business

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