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271 Families in Trincomalee Receive Aid from Aitken Spence

8 Feb

People around the world welcomed the dawn of year 2011 with new hope, making plans for the months to come, jotting down new year resolutions, nobody even dreamed of the disaster that was to take place. Many people’s dreams of a bright new year were shattered within minutes when the flood waters hit their homes. Once again these helpless people were left with another traumatic experience to face. But help was on its way, Sri Lankans from all parts of the country did not waste any time in gathering items necessary for these victims. Appeal after appeal brought in more and more aid.
Aitken Spence PLC saw this as a moment where the community at large was in great need. Hence did not hesitate to make their presence felt by giving them a helping hand. Over 400 families belonging to the Kuchchaveli Divisional Secretariat in Trincomalee, were affected by the floods including 200 families residing in Valaiyaoothu. All these people, including many other families residing in and around the Divisional Secretariat, received relief items from Aitken Spence on the 26th of January 2011. Over 900 dependants received aid that day.
Many were without food, clean water, proper clothing, sanitation and medication. Aitken Spence PLC was able to provide for them. The staff members and the Management teams of the company were able to collect the following items: dry rations, milk powder, baby milk powder, children’s food supplements, bottled water, clothing items, toiletries and sanitary items.

Aitken Spence PLC has been assisting the Kuchchaveli community for many years and has also built houses for 26 families in the Kumburupiddy housing scheme during the Tsunami rehabilitation efforts. Dry rations were also distributed to the low income families residing in this housing scheme.

News Release 08-02-2011