Aitken Spence Aviation Wins Award for Airport Operations – Individual Winner

13 Mar

Aitken Spence Aviation employee, Mr. Vasantha Kudaliyanage (Customer Service Manager, Singapore Airlines) won the award for Airport Operations – Individual Winner, at the Singapore Airlines annual awards 2017 held recently. The award was presented to Vasantha by Regional Vice President Mr. Joey Seow in Perth, Australia.

The individual winners were selected after a process based on commendable work and a compilation of all compliments received from passengers for the exemplary work done by individuals and teams across the West Asia and Africa (WAA) stations. Sub-continent countries include – India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Other individuals and teams that joined Mr. Kudaliyanage in winning the award were from India, South Africa and Dubai.

Mr. Kudaliyanage excelled in service by demonstrating key attributes such as taking initiative and ownership and offering great customer service that has made him a service champion and a role model figure while been an inspiration to his team. Other instances he assisted many passengers some of which included a UN peacekeeping mission to Timor-Leste for a group of 34 Sri Lankan police officers. Mr. Kudaliyanage went above and beyond a restricted time period to deliver excellent service in liaising with Singapore SATS Police, SilkAir, SQ SSE, the Sri Lankan High Commission and the local Sri Lankan Police Force. Furthermore, he assisted several passengers such as overcoming flight delays and efficiently dealt with lost personal belongings. Mr. Kudaliyanage has been a key figure in providing excellent customer service at Singapore Airlines and he is well known for going above and beyond in assisting numerous business and individual passengers. In light of such outstanding service, he has consecutively been awarded the following;

2017 – RVP West Asia & Africa – Airport operations Individual winner
2014 – RVP West Asia & Africa – Airport operations Individual winner
– Merit
2010 – CEO TCS Awards 2010 – Highest award in the network
2009 – RVP West Asia & Africa – Airport operations Individual winner

Aitken Spence, which is the longest standing GSA of Singapore Airlines worldwide, commended Vasantha Kudaliyange on his continuous achievement that instil values such as quality and reliability that are hallmarks of the Aitken Spence service.

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