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TNT’s support in ‘Ending child hunger’

7 Jun

TNT, the renowned Air Express Delivery  company once again joined hands with the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) to provide local assistance to the UNWFP‘s global fund raising initiative ‘Walk the World’.

This year’s awareness building theme was the ‘hunger train’ which was unique in comparison to other awareness building strategies adopted across the globe by UNWFP. TNT’s assistance in organizing the train for UNWFP reaffirms TNT local commitment to WFP efforts to ending child hunger in Sri Lanka.

‘Walk the World’ is a global initiative to raise funds for UNWFP’s school feeding program which was initiated by TNT employees’ way back in 2004. By providing a midday meal to students, TNT and the UNWFP hopes to increase attendance in schools as well as improve learning through the old adage “a healthy body equals a healthy mind”. UNWFP and TNT believe that these efforts lay the foundation for a healthy workforce that would build a bright future.

In the year 2002, TNT CEO Peter Bakker and former United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) Executive Director James Morris entered a ground breaking partnership to support UNWFP to end global hunger. The partnership resulted in TNT becoming the biggest corporate partner of UNWFP. Being a specialist in logistics and transportation, TNT was in a position to provide it’s expertise to UNWFP to make a life saving difference by ‘getting aid to the right person at the right time’.

At present, UNWFP provides midday meals to students considered as under nourished in several areas of the island. UNWFP’s challenge is to find local donors for this worthwhile project that ensures sustainability through consistent involvement of local donor partners.
Speaking on the occasion, TNT Country Manager Mr. Jerome Brohier stated that TNT initiated ‘Walk the World in 2003 & this is the eighth consecutive year TNT employees are engaged in building awareness on the UNWFP’s main objective to end global hunger under the theme ”End Hunger, Walk the world”. The walks also helped to create awareness on the WFP’s School feeding initiative. TNT employees & their friends in Sri Lanka raised Rs. 913,000 for local school feeding through these walks in the past.

As a response to the Tsunami in 2004 which devastated parts of the island, TNT provided 35 trucks to distribute Aid across the country in addition to an Airbus A300 full of Aid relief flown in directly from Europe. It has been a wonderful experience to be partners with an organization whose sole aim is to eradicate global hunger.

Media Release – 07 June 2010

End Hunger: Walk the World

7 Jun

In a joint effort of the World Food Programme (WFP) and its corporate partners, led by TNT, Unilever and DSM, “End Hunger: Walk the World” campaign was successfully carried out in Colombo on the 6th of June 2010. TNT sponsored the “Hunger Train” which took participants from Colombo to the location in Negombo, where the ceremonies were planned, and back.

Ninety six staff members from TNT took part in this walk along with employees of other partner companies, WFP Goodwill Ambassadors, staff, and beneficiaries as well as government representatives and NGO partners to show their solidarity in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Hon. Basil Rajapakse, Senior Advisor to his Excellency the President and Member of the Parliament, and Hon. Bandula Gunawardena, Minister of Education graced this occasion.

Walk the World campaign is an annual event to raise funds and awareness for WFP’s efforts to fight child hunger and malnutrition. In the previous year 360,000 people from 210 locations around the world participated at this event to raise funds for the provision of school meals to 20,000 children in the world’s poorest countries for one year.

Sustainability – 07 June 2010

Sure We Can

27 Apr

An interview with Jerome Brohier, Director, Aitken Spence

TNT is one of the top three express companies worldwide and has been represented by Aitken Spence in Sri Lanka, for over 26 years. Recently, TNT and Ace Xpress have conjunctively opened an office in Vavuniya, which will help serve their growing number of clientele in this region. However, when Jerome Brohier starts talking about TNT, one soon realises that there is so much more to TNT’s activities than just courier services.

Mr. Jerome Brohier, Country Manager of TNT/Director AIX (On right) accepting the first package from Mr.Mads Vejlstrup (On Left) of UNWFP at the newly opened Express Center in Vavuniya.

On a worldwide scale, TNT has been involved in social responsibility activities for many years, and although, every TNT country office is required to donate a small sum to the CSR fund, it was the 2004 tsunami that first brought Sri Lanka to the attention of TNT’s corporate “help” radar. During the first eight months following the tsunami, TNT volunteered to assist the UN World Food Programme, not only did the company volunteer logistical services, but funds were donated as well. Over 24 million rupees worth of assistance was given, with financial aid being completely donated by TNT offices worldwide.

TNT’s CSR project was proving to be truly sustainable, not only for the lives and livelihoods affected by circumstances but also for the company’s future business. For, it was not long before the WFP had established that the integrity and efficiency of TNT and Aitken Spence Cargo would make them an ideal commercial partner and made a request for the handling of transport and distribution. In an emergency situation, TNT assists WFP through a range of activities varying from vehicles to manpower.

During the fiercest fighting in the North, TNT vehicles carrying food and other necessities were allowed into the war zone bearing WFP flags on the side of the trucks and with personnel wearing both TNT and WFP arm bands.

Aitken Spence Cargo now provides supply chain solutions to three key NGO’s operating in the North and East and particularly in the Manik Farm IDP camp. Solutions range from providing warehouse personnel who help manage the WFP warehouse, to supplying transport and logistical vehicles.

Jerome says that the fact that they work not just with the UN WFP, but also with many other NGO’s is a testament to the work ethics of the company; in an industry where “incentives” are a norm, Aitken Spence Cargo combines hard work with creativity in order to ensure that all services are supplied in compliance with the international and local laws and ethics.

Ace Magazine – 2010